Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Good food and dessert

After the SAM visit, we girls headed to Keong Saik Rd (Chinatown) and had dinner at Kok Sen Restaurant. It's actually a coffeeshop. We had sweet sour pork (lean and tender), prawn soup (like prawn noodle soup but more potent and minus the noodles), steamed egg with century and salted egg and stir fried kailan. Dinner was yummy.

We walked around Keong Saik Rd and Neil Rd for a short while to digest our food before the girls looked for the dessert place recommended by a friend. It's Seventh Heaven located at 10 Raeburn Park. I think it's not easy for people without cars to get there. It's behind the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station and nested at some commercial building behind the security counter. So it's actually quite safe with the security guards around in the secluded area. Hee. Joan had to call the dessert shop for directions and the lady over the phone asked us not to be scared and just drive up the slope, past the carpark gantry, park the car and look for the security counter. Haha.

The staff was very friendly and offer us small samples of coconut ice cream and green tea ice cream to convert us into fans. The ice cream was made by the shop and it tasted really good - the texture and taste are somewhere between rich ice cream (eg. Ben and Jerry) and gelato. I really like the green tea one - there were bits of brown rice and tea leaves and it wasn't too sweet. We ordered a platter of 3 ice cream flavours - chocolate (supposed to be dark chocolate but it tasted more like chocolate and whisky), salty cookie and cream (not bad but not salty enough) and black forest. We also had warm and soft chocolate cake. The cake was good and the accompany scoop of vanilla ice cream was interesting. I think they added cinnamon to it.

The next time I want to try their sea salt caramel. It was out of stock that night. I want green tea ice cream too :)

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