Sunday, April 05, 2009

Baking pizza

My friend and I met this afternoon to catch up over lunch and tea and also discussed the recipes for cheese fondue and bread we could use from library books we borrowed. When my friend suggested we tried the fondue recipe and baked pizza at her place, I was game.

She let me knead the dough and guided me as she had baked it before using her recipe. It was fun and quite easy. I only sprinkled part of the pizza with capsicum as Sis and Dad don't like it. Under the mozzarella cheese were prawns, bacon and pineapple. The end result was this and I brought the whole thing home while my friend and her hubby had a smaller square one :)

Our cheese fondue was also a success. We used cheddar, Gruyere cheese and white wine. It tasted great with the baguette and capsicum. We will be making the cheese fondue and baking bread a few weekends for now and enjoying them with more friends.

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