Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I call him different names - Bob, Bobby, dear, sweetie, darling and when he is naughty, he becomes "Notty boy" or "Notty Bob".

When he is out of our room, he is quite a sweet cat if he does not try to get past the barricade to the room where Angel is. Sometimes, one of his eyes will look smaller than the other - taking a short break while keeping an eye on his environment? :)

He will hop onto the kitchen cabinet counter at times and sit on it. Look at his leg dangling! Haha.

Don't worry. We don't prepare food there and Mom or any of us will clean the table surface or kitchen sink before we prepare our meals.

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Anonymous said...

hahahah! that IS the funniest photo of Bob yet! one cant help but smile! thanks for sharing!