Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cheese Fondue and Pizza

On Sun morning, a good friend invited me and her friends to her place for a cheese fondue party. I have tried making it with her a few weeks ago to make sure that the cheese fondue will be a success too during the party. We followed the recipe from a library book - pour white wine (table/dry) into a double boiler, stir in corn starch coated cubes of cheeses (gruyere, swiss cheese, cheese depending on your preference), add in some white pepper, continue stirring until it turned creamy.

Her friends helped with the making of the fondue too and we transferred the fondue into a slow cooker to maintain its temperature and consistency while we dipped pieces of capsicum, green apple, bread, cherry tomatoes, cocktail sausages and baguette into it. The fondue is really for cheese lovers. I also made some honey lemon drink as it is refreshing for the hot weather.

As my friend had some ingredients for pizza and we had some leftover cheddar cheese and veggies, she suggested we could make some pizza for dinner. (The cheese fondue was our lunch.) We all had fun making the dough and "decorating" our piece of dough. At 6pm, our pizzas were ready and we tried the different pizzas. Some of the pizzas had the left fondue as toppings. It was really a cheesy day :)

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