Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Yay, Bob is back

When out for lunch yesterday, I received a call from a feeder in my area that she saw Bob hiding in one of the covered drain in the park. She lifted up one of the slabs for Bob to come up to the surface and fed him some food. She said he fits the description I gave her on Sun night. I quickly
called Mom so that she could go down and look for him but she told me later that Bob was nowhere in sight.

At a work event/dinner last night, Dad called me to offer to drive over and pick me home. I told him I could make my own way home. He had finished feeding the cats and said that Bob was in the park and Dad fed him. I was very happy to hear another person seeing Bob.

I went home straight after the dinner and quickly cleaned up the 3 hamsters’ cage, washed up Angel’s toilet tray and put in new cat litter and pine pellets. When Mom came back from her taiji class, I happily told her Bob is back and suggested going down to the park to look for him.

We went down but only Bush, Shadow, Oreo and Baby greeted us in the park. We looked into the covered drains and called his name but no Bob meowing or appearing.

This morning, Mom saw Bob and the other cats and fed them. IShe said he looks healthy but he’s afraid of Manja/Shrek/Malay cat (a roaming pet cat of a Malay family who would join the other cats for a meal sometimes). After eating, he went back and hid in the covered drain again.

We don't know where he was hiding the past few days. Mom said he could be trapped or swept away by the rainwater in the drain and he managed to find his way back.

I was very happy to see Bob just now and had him sleeping on my lap. Mom and I are thinking of bringing him home on Good Friday to try out the possibility of keeping him at home but we also know it won't be easy.


ping said...

i really hope angel can accept bob...

Dawn said...


JerL said...

So happy to read that Bob is back!!! He's really cute and I hope your mom is ok with him at home! :) I think it's better than having Bob hiding in the drains.