Saturday, March 15, 2008

Missing Bob

Bob has not been sighted and coming for food since Thurs night. Mom and I have looked for him in the areas near the park. Mom has a few theories to explain his disappearance:
  1. Bob was hiding in the drain during the rain/thunder storm and got swept away
  2. Someone saw Bob and decided to adopt him
We hope it's scenario 2 but we also hope Bob will appear again when we are in the park to feed the other cats. My earlier plan was to bring him to vaccinate before the coming Good Friday holiday and bring him home to see if he and Angel can get along. But now he's missing. He is a very sweet cat. On those nights when it was cold and raining, he likes to climb onto our laps and sleep. At home, Angel doesn't do that but he's still a darling.

Whenever he is, I hope he is not suffering.

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JerL said...

I hope that Bob is ok and is being taken care by a family too!!! Bob sounds really sweet. I love cats who dare to sleep on my lap! And you and your mom have such kind hearts!!! :)