Sunday, March 16, 2008

Cloth pads

I think Lunapads are a cool invention for females like me who find wearing disposable pads uncomfortable. I got to know about the Lunapads a few years ago and bought a few with the idea of alternating them with disposable pads. However, I wasn’t very committed to using them and still used disposables most of the time.

Last year, I found out that a friend has been using cloth pads from Lunapads and completely phased out the use of disposable pads. I was encouraged and thought I could do the same too. After buying some more Lunapads, I have been using them for the past 3 months, without the need for disposables.

Some of you may feel disgusted by the idea of having to wash your blood-soaked/stained cloth pads. I don’t think it’s icky to do so; after all it’s my blood. Of course, it’s easy to throw away disposable pads but the discomfort they give me pushes me to use cloth pads. I have gradually overcome the inconvenience of having to soak/wash the Lunapads and the liners and bringing extra liners to change them where I’m out. I feel better about myself and don't feel cranky wearing Luna pads. Now I just need to find the best way to reduce usage of water in washing the pads. Then I’ll be on the way to being more environmentally friendly (by contributing less waste and using water efficiently).

I have taken some photos of my Lunapads:

(From left: liner, day pad, liner with wing)

(Top and side views of the pad with the liners attached with the aid of the elastic bands)

I have also read that the use of disposable ones has some health risks. Planet Green has an article on some alternatives to disposable pads.

For any of you who are keen to try, you will have to order cloth pads online since Parenthings who used to bring Lunapads in has stopped its operations. Simply Peaceable (SP) is considering bringing in Sckoon’s cloth pads and baby diapers if there is a demand. If you are interested, you can drop SP an email.

(Underside of the day pad - isn't the design chirpy? :) Wait till you see the Sckoon designs)

(Lunapads' pouch that came free when I bought the liners a few years ago. The recent purchase doesn't have any accompanying pouch)

I’m attracted to Sckoon’s cute prints on the pads and other products (such as leak proof pouch and panty). Lunapads and Sckoon pads are quite similar and the difference seems to be how the liner is attached to the pad. I’ll get some to try if SP carries them.

You can also try making one yourself by following the steps in these websites: Tiny Birds Organics and Adahy's cloth pad patterns. It looks easy!


evehow said...

Applemilky is selling the mooncup, a tampon substitute. I know Abby is thinking of bringing in reusable pads but I'm not sure if she has secured the distributorship. Perhaps you can contact her to ask:

I use the mooncup myself and it's fantastic. For those who are using tampons, the mooncup is a very good substitute. No leaks, can't feel a thing, no risk of TSS etc. Highly recommended!

horus said...

Isn't the lunapad bulky? Would like to try it but wonder if its bulky and will show through. I'm so used to wearing thin pads now!

chris said...

have read abt tis product some yrs ago..keen to try BUT still feeling quite uneasy abt it..

coboypb said...

Hi, Horus. A cloth pad is definitely thicker than a disposable pad. I have no problem switching from ultra thin disposable pads to Lunapad maxi pad with a liner as it feels comfortable to me :) Let me know if you have any other questions.

Simply Peaceable said...

Hi Coboypb,
Thanks for pointing to us. If anyone has any questions they can also email us at If they are interested, we'll be ordering real soon and can ensure to put in the products they want. For pricing, they can use exchange rate of 1.4 and about 20% shipping charges (as stated on their website for international shipping) as a gauge.

Anonymous said...


I am actually retailing Lunapads on my website.

other than lunapads i have 3 other range of cloth menstrual pads.

let me know if you need any help with cloth pads.