Sunday, March 23, 2008

DIY Facial Party

A few Saturdays ago, my friends and I decided to chill out at FR's place to do face masks. We had fun showing one another the stuff we have been putting on our faces.

FR treated us to some pies she and hubby got from a bakery from Sunset Way.

After the pies, we cleansed, toned our face before we slathered green and red clay masks on them.

FR also made some concoction of tomato juice and lemon juice to tone our faces after the masks. Our skins felt a bit stinging but I like the sensation.

Nearing the end of our pampering session, we each had a bowl of FR's health tonic of white fungus, wolfberries and dates.

What a nice way to spend our Saturday afternoon :)

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JerL said...

Indeed we had a great time!!! :) Look forward to our next outing!