Friday, March 07, 2008

Organic black sesame spread

My breakfast is usually 2 slices of Sunshine bread spread with peanut butter or nutella or cheese or margarine sprinkled with wheatgerm and a cup of water or Yakult.

After reading the Baker's post about sesame spread, I remember and looked for it when I was shopping in Takashimaya.

I like the taste of sesame - the burnt nutty flavour, so after sampling it, I bought a jar. Now I can have sesame spread to go with my breakfast. Yummy :)


Sweeteepye said...

This looks interesting. Do they have other condiments and spreads/sauces in their range?

coboypb said...

They have sesame choc spread, almond spread, almond choc spread and some other stuff that I didn't really notice as I was very focus in getting the sesame spread :) Hee.

Agy said...

Wow, that looks good. Is it more expensive than ur usual spreads?

JerL said...

wow!!! This looks tempting! I'm a black-sesame-everything lover!!! Going to Taka now. :P