Sunday, March 23, 2008

Rambo and Trini

Mom has been preparing dry cat food soaked in hot water mixed with some canned wet cat food (sometimes some rice too from our dinner) for Rambo. Now Rambo seems to put on some weight and his coat looks less dull.

A friend has advised me to sterilise him while another said I may want to think twice about sterilising an old cat as he may not wake up from the anaesthesia, so I'm still considering whether to put him through sterilisation.

Although he looks quite sad with his jutted out tooth, out of shape face, he is gentle and friendly towards us. When mom and I come with food, he will run to us and sometimes when the weather is cold, he will snuggle near our legs/feet.

I have recently sterilised Trini, the 3rd calico cat in this area. She was actually pregnant, so it is a good thing I managed to trap her in time or we would have many kittens who might not survive the recent rainstorm. She is quite vocal and will greet us with her meows and likes to rub her head against our legs and hands.

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