Monday, January 02, 2012

Sleeping with Bob and Cinnamon

1st night (Fri): Cinnamon didn't like being stuck in the cage and meowed very loudly.

2nd night (Sat): I didn't manage to get her into my bedroom, so she slept in the living room under the chairs and sofa. I was worried that Angel would be wary/scared but he did pee in his litter tray before going back to sis' room.

Last night (Sun): Cinnamon was already checking out my bedroom and sleeping under my bed when we let Bob out. Luckily, both of them only hissed and growled when they were too near each other. I woke up a few times to check on them. This morning, Cinnamon didn't seem to mind staying put in my room but I let her out.

This will be the sleeping arrangement for Cinnamon, so that Angel can freely move around the living room and kitchen, instead of staying put in sis' room.

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