Monday, January 02, 2012

Fat Mama's new name is Cinnamon

We decided to let Fat Mama stay with us over the New Year weekend to see if she can somehow fit into our household of 2 male cats who can't get along. It's a bit crazy, I know, but after much thought and discussion with my family and S, it may be possible that she can lessen the tension between Angel and Bob and acts as a distraction. She has been with us since Fri. We have also renamed Fat mama as Cinnamon, so that we have ABC at home :)

Cinnamon is a sweet cat and will meow at us when she wants our attention. Most of the time, she is just contented to have a place to rest. Her gait reminds me of a rabbit hopping sometimes. She can balance on her 3 legs quite well and will rest after her walk. I hope having her with us will lessen the stress and I don't have to activate my backup plan.

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