Sunday, January 08, 2012

10 days living with Cinnamon bun

Cinnamon is getting rounder as she is quite greedy, so we have to make sure she doesn't overeat. Getting heavier will not be good for her.

I'm glad that we decide to bring her home as she seems to adapt well for the past week and she has a sweet personality. Sis is proud that Angel is less fearful of the newcomer - he's hissing but will hang around in the living room at night and move to and from sis' room to the hall and kitchen, when Cinnamon is sleeping in the hall.

When Bob is out at night, he will approach Cinnamon asleep on the chair and when he is too close for comfort, she will growl. He will meow, lick his mouth, walk away under my supervision.

It's funny that we have 3 cats at home. We used to have many hamsters but they could be separated if they didn't get along. We have done that for Bob but it's more tricky for cats and it has brought us some stress and heartache. However, Bob has grown on me over the years. He can have short spurts of aggressive and I have gotten bites and scratches from him and even cried a few times. But I won't give him up as there is a sweet side to him when he is gentle Bob who just wants my attention and not disturbed by thoughts of being the alpha male. Maybe over time, he will mellow.


Anonymous said...


Any update on Black Mama, had she been adopted as well?

coboypb said...

Hi. Black Mama is doing well as a community cat. this morning I saw her near the void deck and carpark. She didn't want to eat anything as someone feeds her early in the morning. Our initial plan is for this someone to adopt the 2 sister cats and Patch but we have not heard from her and aren't sure if she is keen to adopt them anymore. Since Black Mama and Patch are doing well, I'm more concerned about finding Cinnamon a good home and I hope my family and I can provide her with one. thanks for asking :)

Lady San Pedro said...

Oh no! We only have female pets at home; a dog and a cat. They're friends!

I've only seen/heard the cat hiss maybe thrice in 5 years, could only wonder what having a male could be like!