Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My collection of sports shoes

I tried to get the cobbler to glue the fabric and sole at the toe area and sides of my Vibrams Fivefingers shoes but he wasn't successful despite using 2 different types of glue. I guess I will still wear them to jog for a while more. Last week, I bought Puma's Faas 250 NM running shoes (black body with pink laces), as they are light and comfy and selling at discounted price of $89. They could replace my Fivefingers when they expire.

However, both Puma and Fivefingers won't do well on wet uneven terrain, so during lunch, I checked out some shops at Velocity. Colombia has run out of my size for the model that I like, while Salomon has an arch support that I find uncomfortable. I like the 3rd pair I tried as the Merrell shoes with Vibrams feel cushiony. Compared to other brands like Timberland and Northface, it's cheaper at $159. I like the red laces with the dark grey body. I'm all ready to jog or trek :)

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