Monday, January 02, 2012

The dynamics among ABC

We can't leave Angel and Bob alone unsupervised, as Bob still seems very determined to want a piece of Angel. Before Cinnamon's arrival, we have already tried putting Bob on a leash so that we don't have to get Angel in one of the room and barricade the area. But it can be tiring for us to supervise and stressful for Angel, so we still use the barricade system most of the time. These few days, we want to see how the 3 cats will interact. Angel will hiss at her from his hiding place, but she doesn't want to attack him and is just interested to explore her surroundings. Bob is wary of her and both will hiss/growl but no fights so far. Sometimes, after a while, Bob will get very irritated by the harness, so I will remove it and keep a very close eye in him especially if he's in the same room as Angel.

I think Cinnamon will be the happiest of all the cats. Angel will feel stressed at times but he doesn't need to be cooped up in the room when Bob is out. Maybe he will prefer the protection before the closed door - we will do the barricade if he gets stressed or we feel tired supervising them or Bob is still intent on wanting to attack Angel despite being leashed. Bob is probably not pleased about Cinnamon's presence, but I think over time, he will get used to it as Cinnamon is not scared of him.

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