Sunday, April 20, 2008

Simply Peaceable's photo contest

I love Simply Peaceable's natural skin remedies:
  • Bugged Outdoor Balm (I apply every night when feeding the cats to prevent being bitten by mozzies)
  • Botty Balm (it's for baby's nappy rash and it works well for rashes I get during this hot weather and it's great as a body moisturiser too)
  • Calm Balm (a nice smelling solid perfume that is soothing)
  • White Clay Mask (to detox my skin gently)
  • Polishing scrub (as a face and body scrub that smells deliciously like oats)
If you are interested in getting such stuff for yourself, you may wish to visit Simple Peaceable's website to check out the products or even join in the contest if you are inspired :)

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Simply Peaceable said...

Hi, thanks for your support - looking forward to all the Simply Peaceable Day pics! :)