Sunday, April 27, 2008

Effects of Catnip

are definitely not wide eyes for Bob (he was probably surprised by me taking a photo of him as he didn't show much reaction to the toy)

and also does not lull Angel to sleep (as it was his usual nap time and earlier Angel did act a bit strange by hugging his head with his front paws for a short while)

I used my pair of old stocks and put some stuffing in with the dried catnip.


Anonymous said...

Not all brands of catnips are effective, i've tried japanese catnips, they work the best :)

lingcat said...

I'll pour the catnip directly on the floor. The effect isn't as good if I wrap them up in cloth. I'll just vacuum the floor afterwards.

Catnip doesn't work on every cat.

eve+line said...

Try cumin seeds. Worked on Angel :)

KXBC said...

My XX reacts favorably to the funniest things like Colgate (she loves you exhaling into her face just after you have brushed your teeth) and Zheng Gu Sui (I apply that to my sprained wrist). They are like catnip to her.

coboypb said...

I sprinkled some catnip on the floor for Angel and he went cuddling his head again and stretched. So cute.

Anon: Where do you get Jap catnip from? Sundream?

Anonymous said...

A jap friend mailed it to me. I'll see if im able to contact her again. They're really amazing.