Sunday, April 06, 2008

Health check

I have recently received my medical screening results and was shocked to find out that my bad cholesterol is borderline high (used to be low) and my Rheumatoid Factor (RF) is 23 (acceptable range is 0 to 14)! Otherwise, I'm in the healthy/good range for good cholesterol, blood triglycerides, BMI.

I'm now waiting for my organisation to organise a post-briefing and I will ask the doctor present about my results. No point jumping about the information I have read about RF (eg. high RF could possibly mean risk of rheumatoid arthritis - scary).

However, I realise I have been eating less actively and exercising less. It's time to watch my diet and start exercise.


Dawn said...

Oh dear! Any news?

coboypb said...

Hi, Dawn. I think my company will take some time to organise the briefing. I guess I should go find a doc myself to interpret the results, but I'm just lazy and want to see whether the briefing will provide any useful infor before I do anything. Meanwhile, I am more careful with my diet and trying to exercise once a week. Thanks for asking!