Friday, May 01, 2009

Stripe, the newly sterilised community cat

The gangly noisy male cat has been loitering at the carpark and void deck of a block near mine for the past few months. However, he wasn't seen often especially after I sterilised Monkey, the female cat he was following. Recently, he appeared more frequently and I find him rather friendly despite his strange loud siren-like meowing. He likes me to run his head and neck and he will rub his head against my hand and do a roll over. I decided to try trapping him and get him sterilised.

On Tues, I was on mc as my runny nose and cough didn't go away and I was worried I won't recover by the time I leave for Tokyo this Sat. I wanted to trap him a few days earlier but didn't feel well and he also didn't appear that night. On Tues, I walked around the few blocks he is usually seen but there was no sign of him. Mom and I had finished feeding Fat Cat and White Neck at a corner of the void deck and we were getting ready to leave when we suddenly heard a loud siren meow and Stripe (named by Mom) was running towards us. Mom said it seemed like he wanted the opportunity to be sterilised. I quickly fed him a little dry food, tried whether he was ok to be held by the loose skin at the back of his head. He is really trusting. He smelled the opening of the carrier which I placed near him. Without wasting time, I quickly grabbed him and put him into the carrier. Luckily he's lean and not heavy like Bob.

Last night, Stripe was released at the void deck and I gave him some wet food and dry food before leaving him. Tonight, he came running noisily. It seemed like he recognises me/us. He is very affectionate and I gave him a head and neck rub before giving him some dry food.

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horus said...

He's really really cute! Colouring like my Osiris. :)