Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day 3 (5 May) in Tokyo

Our plan that day was to cover Shinjuku and Shibuya.

We girls managed to buy some clothes from the sales racks at Takashimaya, Shinjuku. I enjoy eating or yummy food, so I always look forward to my meals in Singapore. In Tokyo, it was the same feeling too. Lunch was set lunch at Harbs Cafe at Lumine Shinjuku. It comes with salad, pasta (about 4 types to choose from), a slice of cake (the waiter will let you know which types of cakes come under the set lunch promotion; more than 5 to choose from) and tea/coffee.

I remember taking photo of our pasta but not sure why it wasn't captured in the camera. Anyway, I had a tomato based one with prawns - slight spicy. Sis had a cream based one with bacon (I recall correctly).

I had a green tea cake and Cousin-in-law ordered a mille feuille crepe for us to share.
Layered between the crepes were seasonal fruits (such as strawberries). Yummy but the pasta was quite filling, so I couldn't eat much of the cake.

There were a few interesting small shops at Shinjuku. I also bought tops and a pair of jeans from Uniqlo. (The jeans is a steal as it was $38 after discount. When I bought another similar pair 2 days later in Ginza, it cost me $60. But it was still a good buy.)

Cousin brought us to Shibuya 109, a popular hangout by the Japanese fashionistas. Somehow, we couldn't really appreciate some of the clothes. The complex was crowded. We didn't get anything at all. But it was a good place to see some of the quirky fashion and also to do people watching.

Dinner was at this restaurant called MoMo Paradise at some building in Shibuya. We had shabu shabu and beef/pork sukiyaki. It was a hearty meal with us eating many thin slices of beef and vegetables.

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Nausicaa said...

that seems to be a popular place. the cross junction there is almost iconic. did you see the dog statue?