Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day 5 (7 May) in Tokyo

My breakfast was the raspberry chai muffin and a glass of warm milo. I also was taking a tablespoon of Pipagao almost every day since I was just recovering from cough. I didn,t touch the cough mixture which spilled in my luggage. It causes drowsiness and I no longer needed to drink it but brought it along just in case.

We met Cousin at the Ginza station and she showed us around. We shopped at Uniqlo again where I bought another pair of jeans, a belt and some underwear. The staff put a "raincoat" over my Uniqlo paper bag as it was raining.

Lunch was at Mos Burger cafe where the cutlery is not disposable. I had the bun and soup set which made a hearty meal.

We continued shopping at H&M where I bought a skirt and scarf. After Ginza, we took the train to Asakusa to visit the Nakamise Dori Street and Sensoji Temple. I find the place quite touristy. We had some soft ice cream and when the shop lady asked us to go out by the back door, we just went through there and walked back to the main street. She actually walked to us and told us that we were not supposed to walk while eating and asked us to stay at the back of the shop to eat. Then we understood. But strangely, the other people who bought the ice cream were at the back alley. The shop lady must have only managed to "nab" us. Hee.

At Sensoji Temple, sis and I decide to put in 100 Yen each to shake some heavy metal rectangular container to get some stick with a number on it and open a drawer with the matching number to get a piece of paper about our fortune. Sis got a good one that said everything was good in terms of marriage, life and work. Mine was opposite. It said something along the line of "Marriage and work of any kind are bad". I just rolled the paper and tied it to some rack where the others had done so to the bad fortune they had received. Sis kept her. I'm not going to believe in that. I believe in taking charge of my own fate but it was fun to try that for fun :)

Next was Ueno where Cousin showed us the streets where stalls were selling mainly seafood. We went to another one where there were 2 shops selling Japanese snacks. I bought about $100 worth of them - they were good to give to friends, relatives and colleagues and also for our family.

We went back to Ginza to meet Cousin-in-Law at Midori Japanese Restaurant. We had
sashimi (front and back views) ,
salad ,
california roll , broiled fish sushi. They were delicious. Even Sis who doesn't really dare eat sashimi tried the tuna bits and liked them.

Look at the spread of food :)

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