Thursday, May 14, 2009

Day 1 (3 May) in Tokyo

After we left our luggage at Sunshine City Prince Hotel in Ikebukuro, we walked for 15 mins to the JR station and took another 5 mins trying to figure out how to buy the tickets :) We met our cousin at Harajuku station at around 1.15pm.

One of the streets was very crowded. Occasionally, the crowd couldn't move and we went into the shop to browse. I bought some socks from tutuanna and a sling bag and a cat pendant from Zona Liberata.

Since the crepes are supposed to be popular in Harajuku, we each had one. I tried to read the Katagana characters and ordered a double chocolate ice cream crepe for Sis and a strawberry cheese cake for myself. Sis was stifling her laughter behind me as she said I sounded funny but at least they understood my order :) Cousin got her crepe from another stall while we bought ours from Angel Heart. The crepe was quite yummy.

Cousin and her hubby brought us to a restaurant in Roppongi which serves nice udon soup and other dishes.

Cousin-in-law had to queue for more than 30 mins to get a table for us. It was worth the wait. I like my chicken udon soup which had bits of some citrus peel and sis liked her beef udon soup.

The tempura and other fried stuff were good too. It was my 1st time eating a tempura leaf.

It was quite cold that night with the wind blowing, but I was game for ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery. Sis and I shared a berry ice cream in a green tea waffle bowl.

We also saw beautiful flowers blooming along the sides of the roads. I only remembered to take this nice flower display at Roppongi Hills. During the trip, we also saw florist selling nice bouquets of flowers for Mother's Day.


Nausicaa said...

glad to see you're back and that you enjoyed your trip. I wanna go!! ;p The ice cream looks good. I must try.

Dawn said...

What is tempura leaf?

coboypb said...

Dawn - it's a leaf from some vegetable and fried in tempura batter :)

Nausicaa said...

Do they have that here? Perhaps it's potato/tapioca leaf...

coboypb said...

I haven't eaten any tempura leaf before in Singapore. First time trying it in Tokyo.