Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bob's afternoon out of my room

I took a few photos of Bob when I let him out after my lunch. He is now resting on the floor in the living room while Angel is in my parents' room with the door closed and other defenses such as the weird fence, bottles of water and orange peels I blogged about earlier.

A potential adopter, Joy will be visiting Bob later. This will be the second time she and her 2 sisters see him. About a few weeks ago, they came too and Bob was quite freaked out and went hiding under the sofa or the toilet or under my bed. It's quite surprising as Bob used to be friendly with people when he was a community cat in the park. I guess after a year interacting just with me and my family, he lost that. Joy told us that she likes the look of Bob and the feelings she has after seeing the ad on Cat Welfare Society's adoption bulletin board. As I guess with that feelings and me hoping to find Bob a better home with more freedom, Joy and I decided that she could visit him again.

Bob is still meowing when he doesn't like to be cooped up in my room. He is still interested in the barrier separating him and Angel. I'm still sharing my pillow with him and my head is usually warmed by his body. I still get some scratches and bites from him on my arms when he is frustrated. He is still the cute guy I see when I go to my room and when I wake up :) But the sad thing is both still can't get along and either one will be unhappy being cooped up.

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