Sunday, March 01, 2009

Another calico cat sterilised

Another calico cat appeared in my area. She looks well fed and is friendly. I wasted no time a few days later (on Tues) to trap her and asked a friend to help me to send to the vet for sterilisation.

Yesterday, I passed her in the carrier to a Malay uncle who wants to keep her as a pet. His wife and roaming pet cat recently passed away. This new cat will also be another roaming pet cat. At the moment, the uncle is keeping her indoors or in the carrier to train her to know that his place is her new home. I wonder if she will know to go back to his place to sleep after he releases her. We'll see. Either way, my parents and I will be feeding her as we also fed the uncle's previous pet. He stays at the ground level and let his previous cat pee and poo outdoors. He just left it to us to feed his cat and probably sometimes shared part of his meal with his cat.

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