Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bob and Joy

Bob was hiding initially when Joy was in my room. However, after a while, he was less scared and Joy could stroke and carry him. He even rubbed himself against her towards the end of the visit but Joy said Bob is still very attached to me as he would rub against me too. It's nice to see another person with affection for Bob. Joy commented that Bob and I will be sad if she adopts Bob. True, we will be initially but if Joy and her family loves Bob and Bob and their cat can get along or accept each other, we will be happy again.

Joy and I discussed and think we can try to let the 2 cats meet at her place. That will probably take place in May after my Japan holiday and her working trip.

Joy, I can still smell your perfume on Bob's fur just now. Hopefully that will help him to remember you the next time you visit :)

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Anonymous said...

woot! Here's hoping its a match made in heaven.