Sunday, June 08, 2008

White cat's eyes

Last month, White cat's eyes looked terrible. We didn't know what happened but he seemed to have some eye infection and we felt sad looking at him in that state.

So we brought him to the vet and it could be his eyes were irritated by some chemical stuff. Since he likes to hide under the cars, it could be some fumes or oil that got into his eyes. The vet prescribed eye wash, eye drops, antibiotic, and tablets.

That afternoon, I bathed him as his white coat had turned grey and kept him in the balcony before releasing him back to his "home" a void deck a few blocks away. We would like to keep him at home to monitor his condition if Angel and Bob could get along.

Fortunately, even though we couldn't get him to eat the tablets (through hiding in wet food), his eyes and the surrounding area responded well to the eye wash/drops and antibiotic cream.

The photo below was taken a week after applying the medication. Now he looks almost as lovely as before but his coat is still grey instead of white.

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imp said...

woah. you really took care of him. it's so remarkable what medication and loving care can do for him.