Monday, June 09, 2008

My room-mate up for adoption

The adoption ad for Bob is up at Cat Welfare Society's online adoption bulletin board.

BOB. A 18-month old male cat, has a cream colour coat with ginger markings, light blue eyes and a bob tail. Affectionate and curious, he likes to be hugged and kissed. Formerly a stray cat, he has been sterilised with a tipped left ear. He is also vaccinated, dewormed and litterbox-trained. If you can give Bob a good home, please email

Sis said I should also mention that Bob likes human company, resting near us. I will let potential adopters know more when they email me.

For the many nights over the few months, Bob has been sharing my pillow with my head, be my alarm clock with his meows, jump on my bed or nip when I get lazy to wake up after snoozing my handphone's alarm. He likes to stretch and climb onto my chest/shoulder and kiss/lick my face and I will hug and kiss his forehead/nose. I think he likes that. He's such a baby.

Since Bob's presence in our house, Angel has also grown to be more affectionate and vocal. He seems to like and enjoy our attention in other ways. Angel can tolerate me putting my head on his body for less than a minute when he's resting but not my face near his to kiss him. He likes me to use my feet more than my hands to stroke his neck, body, back, chest and head. Bob is not ok with me using my feet - he bites them. He likes me to comb his fur coat and I try to do it every night or my clothes and skin will collect quite a bit of his hair. My face too if I kiss him :)

And Bob's meows or sounds of protest when he senses that I'm leaving my bedroom. He sounds scared of me leaving him or he wants to leave with me too. When he gets to move outside of the room, Mom said he sounds like an old man, grumbling away. Haha. He also starts to look for Angel after he finishes exploring the house. The other day he climbed up on top of the sofa so that he could stare through the "stained" glass door of the balcony while Angel was resting on top of the shoe cabinet in the balcony, hissing occasionally.

As I'm typing this, my room-mate is now walking around the house and meowing away while Angel is in the balcony. I wonder what he is saying/thinking :)


Anonymous said...

I actually have three cats at home and initially they did not get along well. Well, my mum used a cloth to wipe them clean sharing these cloth among the three cats. True enough, they got along amazingly well till to this day.

YOu might want to give it a try. Its a pity if you decide to give Bob up for adoption since both of you are so attached and fond of each other. :)

- Cat lover with three cats

coboypb said...

Hi, Anon

Thanks for the tip. I have tried another similar method where I would place a cloth (which was rubbed on Angel's fur and therefore had his scent) near Bob's food tray, so that Bob will associate food and Angel's scent. I did the same for Angel's food tray too (i.e. a cloth with Bob's scent placed next to it). However, it didn't seem to improve the 2 cats' relationship. I will try your method soon. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

You are welcome! Hope that really works for you!