Sunday, June 15, 2008

No emails so far

I'm not surprised that there has been no emails enquiring about Bob. Looking at the ads of other cats and kittens on Cat Welfare Society's website, there are so many of them looking for a good home.

Bob still exhibits the hunter persona when we let him out of my bedroom while Angel will hiss if he can see or sense Bob outside the balcony. If no one is interested and good enough to adopt Bob, we will of course keep Bob with us. I was wondering aloud to Mom if Bob and Angel will ever mellow down over the years or continue to be unfriendly towards each other.

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san said...

In our house, Megat took almost 1.5 years to settle down with the rest of the family. I rescued him from the carpark and the AVA hunters. Megat was about 10 years old then. Now he will be 12 in dec. I'm sure Bob and ANgel will work out their differences in time. They may not be friends but they might just tolerate each other :) I hope all goes well with the 2 kitties in your loving home.