Monday, June 03, 2013

Making face powder and body powder

I have been using my loose powder (Aubrey Organics) and body powder (Country Comfort Baby Powder) from for a year or so. I like that they contain natural ingredients instead of chemicals and they work well for me. I did some research online and it seems that some people are making their own powders. After buying powder arrowroot yesterday, I decided that I shall blend my own powders and see if they will work as well. My loose powder is made up of arrowroot powder (3 tablespoons), green tea powder (1 teaspoon), cocoa powder (1 teaspoon) and a few drops of rose vanilla oil. The body powder contains same amount of arrowroot and green tea as well as a number of drops of lavender oil. One smells chocolatey and the other has lavender aroma. I hope my skin will accept them when I apply over the week.

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