Friday, October 28, 2011

What's my hobby?

A friend asked me about my hobby last night. I told him I don't know. He suggested blogging. Hmm, I enjoy taking photos and writing for my blog but I don't think that's considered my hobby. I enjoy baking but I've not been doing it regularly. Maybe eating is my hobby, as I like thinking about my next meal, can enjoy it on my own or with friends and family, can blog about it. But it kind of irks me that I don't have a more tangible hobby, something that involves some kind of skill and knowledge. Like Sis making silver jewelry and SP collecting and customizing her Blythe dolls. I have another task on my "To do" list - find my hobby :)


JuiceBoxLoveX said...

Food is my hobby as well ! HAHA .

This is the first hobby I have ever had is blogging. I was never one to have a hobby when I was growing up, unless working counts because I've been doing that since I was LOL >

coboypb said...

I get satisfied and happy when I eat yummy food and when I could capture them in nice photos and blog about them :)