Friday, October 21, 2011

Rain, lunch and Japanese 雨.昼ご飯.日本語

It was raining heavily when I left office for the lunch venue. I needed to take a break from work and most importantly meet my dear friend. Somehow, I only managed to save the photo of the soups but not of the yummy bacon mushroom omelette focaccia sandwich and the chicken salad.

We were seated near a group of Japanese ladies and my friend asked if I understood what they were saying. I heard 先生 (teacher) and おもしろい (interesting) among the many things they said. My command of Japanese language is lousy, so even if I were to listen attentively, I won't be able to catch more words. Besides, I also didn't want to neglect my friend. Haha.

Earlier this afternoon, a Japanese man called my office phone from Tokyo and spoke in English, in response to an email I sent him. I addressed him as "Iizuka-san". He sounded a little surprised/pleased and commented that I know how to use the Japanese way of saying "Mr Iizuka". I should really start revising soon before I forget all the fundamentals.

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