Sunday, October 09, 2011

Bittersweet cooling tea 凉茶

My throat is still acting weird. It was better after a 30min power nap but after going out for a drive, visit to Fat Mama and dinner, it feels dry again. I got 2 bottles of 凉茶 (bitter and sweet) from Old Airport Road Food Centre to mix but it's more bitter than sweet. It doesn't matter as long as it can reduce my heatiness.

Update as at 12 Oct, 8.25am: I consulted a sinseh on Mon evening and he told me for my Yang Xu condition (fingertips and toes that turn cold easily, pee quite frequently after drinking water, etc), the 凉茶 is actually not good for me. That's why my throat was still dry. He gave me some medicine to rebalance my body. It seems to help :)

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