Saturday, May 31, 2008

Nonya kuehs from Maxwell Food Centre

When I think of Maxwell Market, I will think of the yummy nonya kuehs (sweet desserts coated with coconut flakes) I tried a few weeks ago. One is made of tapioca

and the other from gula melaka.


horus said...

do you like kueh kosui? I think that's the bottom one. yum yum!

coboypb said...

I prefer the tapioca one to kueh kosui but both are addictive :)

Anonymous said...

yups always buy from here if i am in the neighbourhood in the morning. they will close shop really early so no point searching for it in the afternoon. sometimes you can persuade the auntie to ignore the uncle and sell you a few of the green kueh w gula melaka inside - he always wants you to buy more than a few pieces. that is really yummy!