Saturday, May 17, 2008

Angel's tongue

I took this photo of Angel a few weeks ago and I think he looks funny :)


Lizzz said...

aaawwe.. he is adorable. :-)

Anonymous said...

He looks lovely. Angel is like a Korat cat - my dream cat.
I was hoping to get one for my birthday, but no luck :(
My loved one said that that would involve "buying" a cat so no-do.
You got a look-alike Korat cat !!

KXBC said...

How's Bob and Angel getting along?

coboypb said...

Bob and Angel have been separated since that confrontation. Angel will hide whenever I open the door to my bedroom where Bob is. And when we let Bob out when Angel is resting in one of the rooms, Bob will explore the house and sometimes start to look for Angel and get excited and pace outside the room. Bob seems to get unhappy about being cooped up in the room - he will meow quite loudly but hopefully not loud enough for my neighbour upstair (a HDB staff) to complain and also will bite my arm or leg recently. Sigh. I don't know what to do next.

KXBC said...

It's not the ideal situation for Bob or even Angel. I would like to suggest adopting Bob out to a single cat household. I think that would be the best outcome for the 2 of them.

Or maybe you would like to check out the Feliway product. I have just recently used it and am still monitoring the result. San of had been using it for some time. You can check with her as well.