Friday, August 07, 2015

Day 1 of SG50 weekend: playing with food

I finish the remaining broccoli by mixing it with some peanut butter and using the water that cooked the broccoli to make a simple miso soup. That was part 2 of lunch. I am happy that the Magimix Mini Plus food processor is a good buy as I have used it to make hummus, guacamole and today energy bites. The recipe calls for dried prunes, dates, almonds, cashew nuts, cocoa powder and matcha. I substituted almond milk with soya milk and added some maple syrup to make the mixture a bit easier to roll into balls. Finally I coated them with soya milk powder so that they won't get stuck together when I store them into the container. They taste not too sweet, and healthy and yummy 😋

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