Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hungry me

Sis said I'm a glutton as I always seem to be hungry even after eating something substantial. Like yesterday, I was feeling peckish around 4pm even though I had Korean rice roll (a bit disappointing as I expected more kick at a price of $8). Agy and I got milo and muffin from the office canteen. For dinner, parents kept aside yummy brown rice with fried egg and asparagus with prawns and mushroom. I gave S a small portion for him to try as I wasn't very hungry after snacking. When we returned home from cat feeding, Sis was cooking her angel hair pasta in tom yam paste with tuna. She offered me some as she may not be able to finish. I added some tomatoes to the salty dish and it was yummy. You see what sis means :)

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