Sunday, February 12, 2012


I have tried shaving and IPL for my leg hairs, but I don't want to cut myself and I'm sick of the spa staff trying to sell me packages. After reading about sugaring online and getting the Moom organic hair removal jar, I have decided to stick to it. It was a bit troublesome at first, as I have to warm up the jar and spread the "wax" on a small area of hair on my leg, followed by the cloth strip, and give the strip 2 quick rubs, before quickly lifting the strip in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

It sounds a bit tedious, but after some practice, I just need about 15 minutes (excluding warming up the "wax") to remove the hairy areas of my legs weekly. The wax made of sugar, lemon juice, chamomile, tea tree oil and water, smells nice and it's not painful too :)


Nisah said...

Hello. May I ask where do you buy this at?

coboypb said...

If you are in Singapore, you can buy it from Bud
cosmetic store at Novena's Square 2. I bought the refill jar from the online store