Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ate, jogged and ate again

That was what I did this evening. I had only the potato carrot peanut minced pork soup before the jog. We jogged around the park, outside the stadium before exploring the nearby private estate. The speed was faster than my usual pace, but it felt good to test my limits. Wearing Fivefingers made my legs and feet feel lighter and as I had to land lightly, my knees don't ache. After the jog, I had part 2 of my dinner, including beancurd skin (Dow Kee) salad and vinegar beef from S, but I could only eat half and keep the rest for breakfast tomorrow. All the food taste better than they look in the photos :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Revising Japanese

I haven't been revising my Japanese regularly after I stopped my lessons. I'm terribly rusty and it took me a while to compose the earlier entry with the help of a dictionary. I'm quite sure that there are errors in my grammar and vocabulary but I hope it's a start for me to get acquainted with Japanese language again.




2 decisions I've made will be weighing on my mind for a while. Words can heal or hurt and I've chosen the latter. A friend helped us after I gave him the go-ahead. I hope it's for the better for both of them.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pancake treat

Pancake filled with banana chunks and topped with a dollop of margarine and maple syrup. Nice! The poor "chef" had to eat the 2 burnt pieces and kindly gave me the unburnt one.

Oreo's grooming and shower day

A bright sunny Sunday presented an opportunity for S to clip Oreo's nails, trim tuft of fur on his paws' pad and give him a shower. My role was just to hold Oreo firmly so that S could have a good grip before trimming. Oreo did protest loudly, but it was worth the energy, sweat, scratch and bite to see Oreo clean and smelling good. Hopefully coupled with regular combing of his fur, I don't have to send Oreo to the groomer for a GI cut.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hearty home cooked dinner

Our friend invited us over for a hearty dinner and she made all these yummy food herself. The meatballs were tender minced pork with shitake mushrooms and the soup had blended roasted pumpkins, tomatoes and milk. We had also some wine and antioxidant goodness from blueberries and strawberries. Best of all, we have been good friends after knowing one another @ work for more than 5 years :)

Oopen Pasta & Grill Restaurant @ Ibis Hotel Novena

I met my 3 girlfriends from secondary school days for dinner. One of them recommended the restaurant @ Ibis Hotel and drove us from Square
2. As it's tucked between Novena and Balestier, it's not very accessible via public transport. The restaurant is not crowded and the service people were polite. If I had a bigger stomach space, I would have gone for their burger or Asian spicy dishes. I chose Asian spicy seafood wrap (which wasn't spicy at all) and camomile tea.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dinner @ Ang Mo Kio Central

This place used to be a regular hangout during school days and a lot has changed. Dinner @ the food centre was gado gado (luckily we shared), minced pork noodle (we asked for less noodle) and sugarcane juice plus good company :) I've started using this iPhone free version of "TiltShiftGen" app and I like it as I could adjust the saturation and contrast of the photo taken under bad lighting.

No green chilli

After the bad spicy experience, I decided not to choose green chilli in my Yong Tau Hu bee hoon soup, so that I can enjoy everything and the 2 sauces (chilli and sweet sauce). But I'll still eat green chilli in other dishes :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pre- and post-jog boost

was my parents' home-cooked dinner. I had soup full of ingredients before I went down to the park to look for parents and the cats. I jogged a few big rounds and a few smaller rounds until I perspired quite a bit. However, I didn't overdo it as I will be swimming with my friend tomorrow evening. Part 2 of my dinner was chicken with veggie and rice :)

Soup, crepe and gelato

Sis and I had mugs of soup and yummy savoury crepes @ Saybons @ Plaza Singapura for lunch today. Big eater me wanted to satisfy my stomach with dessert from this gelato stall to feel full. The server gave me a big scoop of dark chocolate truffle in a waffle cone :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Japanese omelette fried rice

I've been seeing this at the Japanese food stall in Isetan Scotts supermarket, but I always go for other food at other sections or Sun Moulin bakery. For lunch today, I decided to try this. It's for ketchup fans as the sauce was on the omelette and in the rice. @ $5.40, there were a few chunks of chicken meat and carrot and onion bits. It was quite tasty and substantial as I was hungry. However, I probably won't eat it again as it's not as yummy as the other stuff I have tried.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Sleeping by midnight

It seems impossible or like a luxury at times to turn in early. I either want to stretch my day or there is something I want to do before I am willing to sleep even if I feel tired.

Fri and Sat nights were quite extreme as I slept at almost 3 am and had around 4-5 hours of sleep. The 2 late nights were due to different reasons: personal and work issues that I must settle before I could sleep in peace. Last night I slept at around 11.30pm to wake up at 5.15am this morning. Tonight I shall zzzz by midnight :)

Prawn & pork rib noodles with pig skin

My 2 colleagues and I were hunting for a lunch venue after a work assignment offsite this morning. We wanted to eat @ Alexandra Village but it was boarded up. ABC Brickwork Food Centre has scheduled washing today. My colleagues decided to look for curry fish head but we had no luck too, so we settled for lunch @ this coffee shop "Coffee Xpress 2000" at Bukit Merah Centre.

It was my 1st time seeing this kind of noodles with pig skin. The soup is similar to the prawn noodle soup and is quite tasty. I finished everything but the soup. I only noticed the name of the stall starts with "Chai Chee ...", as my 2 older colleagues were very nice to order food and tea for me :)

Twinkle, twinkle, little stars

This is the song that a 6-year-old girl likes to sing to Oreo when she pets him as she and her family take a walk in the park. Last night she gave some of her stars (folded by her grandma) to me and mom for us to play with. So sweet of her :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fat Mama: 2 months later

She is doing well @ the cattery. Her new home will only be ready in early Oct.

Feast @ Tung Lok Seafood @ Orchard Central

We had a lunch treat there while catching up with our 2 aunties and their families. I was quite hungry at 11.30am but after trying a bit of everything (lean pork century egg congee, veggies, char Siew pastry, xo sauce carrot cake, salmon sashimi, dim sum, etc) I felt quite full and had to restrain myself to save some stomach space for dessert.

I think I have been taking too much of good food due to work events and with friends that I don't seem to crave for them and enjoy them as much. I become more critical of the taste of the food - usually when family and friends are busy eating and enjoying the food, I will be more selective. I prefer home-cooked food and more simple dishes :) But I always have space for desserts!

Nutella cake for breakfast

It's more moist and dense than the one I baked the first time. I'm glad that the others like it :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

baking nutella cake again

Mom and I were thinking about what to get for my 2 aunties and their families tomorrow when we meet them for lunch. I thought I could bake nutella cakes for them, since they are easy to make when I tried the recipe the other time. I used about 3 cups of nutella, 8 eggs and 30+ tablespoons of plain flour and a handful of walnuts (chopped). I haven't tasted the cake yet but Sis and Dad seem to like it :)

Another new clothes for my iPhone

Doesn't it look cute? :) Now my iPhone has 4 covers.

Simple late lunch of yam and nuts

I had orange, guava and pomelo and drinking mulberry tea while making nutella cakes for my aunties and family. It was after the cakes were done baking in the oven around 3.30pm, I started to feel hungry and baked the left over steamed yam to share with mom. I was happily and dipping the yam into the McDonald's garlic chilli sauce and Japanese sesame nuts sauce. Yummy! I had to eat some nuts to complete my late lunch.