Friday, December 09, 2011

Work and interests

Earlier in the week, I was feeling a bit stressed at work but it subsided as my colleagues helped to provide advice and support. I always count myself lucky that my colleagues and I work together as a team. However, every now and then, I will be asking myself what I would like to do, as even though I have doing the same work for a decade and always do my best, I don't feel passionate about my work.

A new colleague who know me for about 2 months was asking me during lunch time about my career plans and encouraged me to be proactive and consider pursuing overseas studies. He has done that and feels that he has learned a lot from his experience. I might have seriously considered that if I don't have strong bonds with my family, cats and also S. I have no desire to leave them and stay overseas for a year or 2, especially when I believe I can still learn and grow while staying put in Singapore too.

On Wed evening, after a satisfying 4km jog with Fion and her friend Anna, we had dinner at Anna's place with her family. Her triplet 4yr old daughters are adorable and friendly. Anna and I were sharing the recipes of the cakes we have baked and like. I'm itching to try baking them when I'm free. I enjoy time with friends as well as time by myself doing stuff that I like. Of course it will be great if I can feel similarly at work, but I guess I can't have best of both worlds and have to be contented in the meantime that my job can feed me, the cats and my interests :)

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