Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Casino hotels in Las Vegas

I read the first few paras of an article in ST this morning about casino/gambling in Singapore being given a glamorous image or made more accessible by parents who bring their kids outside the casinos. I read with some interest because of my recent visit to Las Vegas. There is no entrance fee for the casinos in the hotels and there are many slot machines (from 1 penny onwards) and tables for black jack players. However, I wasn't interested at all and didn't even try my luck at any machine/table. It was interesting to observe people of all ages gambling initially but after a while, I just wheeled my friend's baby around in the pram (as babies aren't allowed to be in the area or be stationery). I also wasn't keen to breath in the cigarette smoke air as there is no smoking ban like in Singapore.

I'm definitely not going to pay $100 to enter the casinos in Singapore :)

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