Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fabric covered hangers

I like to visit this blog every now and then as lovely crafts, homes DIY projects and interesting food are usually featured. The photos always look bright and chirpy.

Just now, this project on fabric covered hanger caught my eye. The hanger definitely looks more appealing with the makeover but sis and I wonder if it's worth the effort to sew this. I guess if one has the time, scraps of cloth lying around, it's worth a try to make the wardrobe look more inviting :)

If I have a sewing machine, the time and the interest, I can do embroidery of a cat doing a stretch and the hook (or whatever you call that) of the hanger is the cat's tail :)
"Rough sketch of fabric cover for hanger" by Coboypb


Anonymous said...

That design looks cool! Go for it! I'm sure can sell some amongst us cat crazy folks at flea marts.

coboypb said...

Hi Anon. Thanks for the encouragement but I doubt I will do anything soon and if I do so, it will be for my own wardrobe :)