Sunday, March 06, 2016

Ah Mei has moved out

My younger sister aka Ah Mei bought her own resale flat in Aug last year before we found out about mom's cancer. She had thought about getting her own place and recent events like the toil of separating the 3 cats and the desire of having her personal space spurred her into action. 

It has been a month since Ah Mei and Angel shifted into her new home. Cinnamon joined them a week later while Bob has returned home with us. I do miss the late night face to face chat with Ah Mei and having the other kitties around. Thankfully with WhatsApp and her staying 5mins walk away, I could still chat with her easily and visit her and the kitties almost every night. She comes home for dinner on Saturday/Sunday and parents will buy things or food to pass to her. Cinnamon loves her new home, while Angel has confined himself to Ah Mei's bedroom and he is happiest when she can rest on the bed with him.

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