Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Apple galette and shoyu tamago

After reading about the dishes prepared by Faerieimp and D, I was inspired to try making them. I googled and chose the recipes that are easy to follow. The crust of the apple turned out saltier than I like. Luckily the apple filling is nice as I only mixed the apple slices with lemon juice and brown sugar. The white of the egg was too soft with the shell hard to peel off. I had to abandon the recipe and boiled the water again and put the eggs back to soak for few more minutes. I will read up about the making of Ramen tamago carefully if I want to try again. The failed egg did make a good breakfast with the avocado coriander salad :)


imp said...

Eggs are awesome either way. Cook 'em again! :) Not like I know the timing- I usually google that out before each dip in hot water.

Oooh. The apple galette looks good. Loads of nicely sliced apples. Am sure you can tweak recipe to your preference if you like how it tasted... .?

coboypb said...

After eating them (eggs and apple galette) the second time, they taste quite yummy, even though they are perfect. Will make them again by trying other recipes and my own tweaks :)