Monday, February 23, 2015

Developing a taste for horror stories?

Last year, I was devouring almost all of the comics novels I could find on Sandman by Neil Gaiman from the library, after attempting to read "A Game of you" I bought from Sunny Bookshop years ago. Strangely, I couldn't go beyond the first few pages of that story then, but last year, I could easily flip page after page and even read more stories of the series. I like some of the illustrations, which could be quite gory at times, and the interesting plot. A good summary is found a.

During the recent flight back from Tokyo to Singapore, I watched the 1st 2 episodes of a Japanese anime "Parasyte: The Maxim" and got hooked on the story line of a high school boy Shinichi having to live with and work with an alien parasite Migi (who ate up his right arm after his failed attempt to eat his brain and control his body) to fight with other parasites in human hosts. I have caught up with the rest of the episodes and eagerly waiting for 20th episode to be out this weekend! 

I like the storyline and a few times I cried for Shinichi's loss. Over the Chinese New year holiday, I found another interesting horror Japanese anime "Tokyo Ghoul" - another school boy Kaneki Ken who got attacked by a ghoul (human eating monster) Rize and ended up having organ transplant from Rize who got crushed. Kaneki experienced hunger for human flesh and had to learn how to survive as a half human and half ghoul with the help of his new ghoul friends who were trying to blend into the society and only survive on suicide victims and enjoyed drinking coffee. Season 1 has 12 episodes showing fighting scenes between the special investigators and the ghouls and the physical and emotional torture and changes for Kaneki. I'm waiting for Season 2 Episode 8 to be out too :)


imp said...

I love these two series! Hehehehe. They can be a bit hilarious at times. Happy watching!

coboypb said...

oh yes, there are some light hearted moments :) too bad I didnt master Japanese language or it will be more enjoyable instead of relying on English subtitles.

jh said...

anime of the season!

coboypb said...

Thanks for sharing. I will check it out :)