Sunday, July 27, 2014

Angel losing and regaining his appetite

These were taken last Thursday, when Angel had not eaten for 2 days and had vomited bile a few times. He looked fine but slept more. After x-Ray, blood test and ultrasound, he was hospitalised from 4 days on a drip to get him hydrated and to eat and reduce the inflammation of his pancreas and intestines. We are thankful to Rebecca of Lingcat Service who helped to put Angel into the carrier quickly, as it would be quite impossible for us to bring him to Namly Animal Clinic. I could easily carry Bob and scruff Cinnamon by the neck, but not for Angel. He has started eating small portions of food when he came home since Wednesday. However, sis and I don't have much success in giving him his medicine. Luckily, he has responded well to the treatment during his hospitalization.

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