Friday, July 12, 2013

Bye, Oreo

For the past 2 weeks, Oreo has not been seen by us, his feeders and residents who notice him in the park and void deck. He wasn't eating our food and was drinking lots of water during the last few days before he disappeared. We thought he could be full from the food given by other feeders, but he looked tired and lost some weight. I had wanted to bring him to the vet 2 weekends ago and before I got the chance, he couldn't be found. We searched the park and hiding places but no sign of him. He would appear @ meal times or rest conspicuously at the void deck and park, so something wasn't right. We just hope he didn't suffer much. I miss his meows, excited behaviour of pushing his wet nose to our hands opening can food and giving him weekly fur trimming.


Anonymous said...

Poor Oreo. Some community cats develop renal failure when they get older. Just saw one stray w crf in vet hospital. They eat dry food and may not not drink enough water. Oreo has a good life look after by many.

Anonymous said...

Hope Oreo is fine somewhere, I do felt how you'd felt now.

I missed my departed community cats too. They were all so lovable.