Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dense chocolate cake

On the spur of moment, on Fri night, I wanted to bake something and I decided on Nigella Lawson's dense chocolate cake. If you were to goggle, there are a number of blogs and links on her recipe. I made 2 mistakes when starting out to make the cake. I used the microwave to soften the hard butter and ended up melting it. Again with the microwave, I burnt the mini choc chip (supposed to melt them) and caused smoke emitting from the back of the microwave :) Luckily after melting another batch of choc chips over a water bath in the saucepan, the rest of the steps went smoothly. My family and S like the cake. But there is room for improvement, so next time, I will soften the butter by leaving it out of the fridge earlier and I will use a good chocolate bar :)

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