Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Off to US for a holiday!

I'm now @ one of the PC terminals with free internet access @ Changi Airport. After clearing work emails and finishing up the last bit of packing, I only slept from 12.50am till 2.15am. It must be the excitement of going on a long holiday that I didn't feel very tired and I even had the mood and appetite to have a full breakfast of bread, cereal and fruits. Dad was very sweet to wake up early to send me to the airport and even accompanied me from check-in till I entered the departure hall.

I'm looking forward to this 11-day holiday to visit my good friend :) Hopefully when I'm back, I'll have the time to blog about my experience.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Japanese Film Festival 2010

Japanese Film Festival Singapore 2010

Cute poster for this year's Jap Film Festival. I read the synopsis and watched the trailer for one of the films, Air Doll (R21). Interesting. Mime-Mime and ASYL seem worth watching too. I must check their schedule when it's out.