Saturday, November 15, 2008

Chewy ginger cookies

I spent Mon afternoon, churning out about 100 soft ginger cookies. I missed baking and decided to do a big batch since my mom and friends like the earlier few batches I made. I also added chocolate chip and raisin to some of the cookies.

Strangely, I didn't feel any kick when I tried a piece from almost every tray. So I needed affirmation from mom and friends that my ginger cookies still taste great.

Sis tried 2 and thought they are lau hong (cookies that are supposed to be crispy but turn stale) but she said the taste was not bad. I told her they are soft/chewy cookies like the Subway cookies. I was relieved when Mom tried the cookies that night and said they were good. This gave me the courage to bring the cookies to the office and offer to my friends and colleagues :)


A.C. said...

thks, they were yummy!!
And, lovely cats u have too.

lingcat said...

look forward to try ur cookies! =)

Flying raisin said...

They're good! Miss our baking sessions. We should have one soon ;)

Agy said...

i lurved ur cookies :-p
unfortunately, didn't have time to pop by ur cubicle for seconds!