Sunday, September 12, 2010

Walk to Marina Bay

I spent Hari Raya Puasa morning walking with my friends from Nicoll Highway to Helix Bridge, Marina Bay Sands and finally Amoy Street Food Centre for brekkie. Some photos to share :)

We took a short break and ate some berries.

The breeze shelter is cool - the solar cells will generate energy from the sun and the motion sensors upon detecting any motion will activate the fan to keep anyone moving under the shelter cool.

White Neck posing for the camera

Oreo the community cat

Oreo has been staying in the park since late 2007 when his owner abandoned him at the void deck. Soon after, I got him sterilised with a tipped ear. He is quite an affectionate cat and receives attention from other people who are attracted to his pedigree look, but no one brings him home.

I had not thought of putting him up for adoption until a few months ago. His long fur on his back was badly matted and he would be all wet after a heavy downpour. Mom and I thought it would be worth a try to see if anyone could adopt him after we sent him for grooming.

Oreo in his previous hairy look.

After grooming, he looks so much cleaner.

However, we decide not to put him up for adoption, as he was shouting loudly at my friend's flat on the 4th night when she was helping me to foster him after the grooming. He was probably not used to the new environment and has been used to the big space offered by the park. By nature, he is also quite a vocal cat. He will make a strange loud sound when we try carrying him. He screamed when I put him into the carrier to send him for grooming.

Back in the park for the past few weeks, he has been happily eating. I like his new GI look and his fur feels very soft.

This is Oreo's favorite resting position :)

We think he is happier in the park and hopefully the cats in the park can continue to live there peacefully